In regard to porn


Like many other women I was brainwashed into beliving that porn was something dirty and wrong and I had a very closed mind to watching porn. I remember the first time I caught my husband secretly masturbating while watching porn.We had already been living together almost two years and had our set daily routines.

It was early in the morning and I had woken up a little before my alarm. I sleepily walked to the living room and there my husband was standing by the tv jerking off to a muted tv screen. I must of made some kind of noise because he looked over at me in terror. Without a word I stormed back to our room feeling embarrassed, angry and oddly jealous. My husband tried to follow me and discuss what I saw at first, but I stubbronly refused to acknowledge the incident and mentally aganoized over what I must have been doing wrong to make him look somewhere else for his needs.

I don’t claim to know the minds of men, but back then I REALLY had no clue how my husband’s mind worked. I thought him watching porn was a sign of his interest in other women and his lack of sexual satisfaction with my bedroom skills and I held that view for years. We never really discussed the porn issue and that lack of communication screwed our relationship up for quite a while. It created insecurities in both of us which prevented us from connecting on a deeper level sexually.

Without going into detail a series of events forced my husband and I to finally be open and honest about our sexuality and devuldge all of our wants, needs and desires sexually. Naturally this lead to us wanting to illustrate our fantasies to eachother and so the great porn search began.

Honestly watching porn together has dramatically improved our level of intimacy, improving our marriage immensly. After my porn chats with my husband I came to learn my assumptions about his porn watching were completely wrong. No, he wasn’t watching porn because he fantasized about other women and he was unhappy with how I performed. He was actually fantasizing about me and putting me in the scenarios he was watching and using the porn to help him visualize his fantasies. The way he explained his thoughts about why he watched porn it was almost like every clip he viewed was a tribute to me. Besides I rather have my husband feel conformable at home wacking off to the t.v. then the dreaded alternatives of him being secretive and potentially having to do things outside our home behind  my back.

Now back to the original point of my post, which was intended to be about finding porn. My husband and I sometimes have some very specific tags we want to see and mine are always expecially rare it seems. So typically when we decide to have our adult movie night we both scour online for a couple hours finding a bunch of clips we want to get off to and share them with each other. This task becomes harder and harder when your constantly hitting the same sites over and over. Dont get me wrong I love pormhub, xvideos and xhamster. They are amazing sites, but after a while you start to see the same clips over and over. It tends to make the search repetive and sometimes ruins the experience.

My hubby and I are on a never ending quest for new porn sites to explore and I felt we should try to share the fruits of our labor with other people. So below I have compiled a list of adult sites you may like. If there are any you want to add please comment, we love to finding new sites.

The Porn sites I assume you already visit

1. PornHub
2. Xnxx
3. Xvideos
4.You Jizz
6.You Porn
7.Keeze Movies
8.Tube 8
9.T’nA Flix
10.Slut Load

Awesome Adult Mobil Apps

Adult App Mart Good selection of Adult themed games, porn searchs, wall papers ect. Sadly I was unable to put this app on my Samsung tab because it wasn’t compatible.

App Crawler Best Free Porn Apps This is a Web search tool that scours for any app that mentions porn. Not only does it find you porn apps it also shows you the best browsers and tool kits to cover your porn usage (luckily I don’t need that, but it might be useful for some of you ;)).

Mikandi (My Candy) My husband swears by this one, it is the ultimate in adult app stores with tons of fee apps.

Apps Bang This is a collection of the most downloaded porn apps, so it has a little bit of everything

Noteworthy Swinger/dating/sex community sites

Adult Friend Finder By far the largest community I have seen, it would be almost impossible not to find a hook up here. I love how much the creators do to keep people interacting on the site. The down fall is that if you have a free account you are very limited and every feature costs money, this one can add up quick.

Fabswingers 100% FREE Swinger dating site with video group chat rooms for when you’re feeling voyeuristic.

Social Swinging This site is an up and comer in the US. We were fortunate to be part of this site early on and love the whole interface. The site owners are very involved and super helpful. 

SwingTowns A fun site, but it’s debatable if all the profiles are real and like many of the other sites the best features come with paid membership.

Let’s go dogging USA Kind of like craigslist in a way… it’s a fun take on posting about casual encounters. I really like the way it filters out your potential matches. I never have to deal with people That are way out in left field for me.

Craigslist Yes, I know many people are leery of meeting people from this site, but let’s be real, if you participate in the lifestyle your chances of sleeping with someone with diseases or creepy jerks dramatically increases compared to the typical monogamous relationship. We have had pretty good success on here when we want to do something on the fly.

Compiling this list has become more time intensive then I originally thought it would be, therefor I decided to break this post into two parts (Please refrain from yelling obscenities and throwing large sharp objects at me). Still to come in our next post will be our picks for best adult chat, where you can find free (and working) porn for Roku and Nexus TV streaming devices and our new favorite free porn site list.


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A little story I wanted to share

This is a story my husband wrote for me a few years back and wickedly sent to my email a few years back. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. *Please excuse any errors as this was written on a cell phone and is unedited ☺️

Fell to temptation

So as a swinger couple me and my husband set rules: only play together, always honest, and no close friends!!!

We were at my cousin’s wedding, and well what do you do at weddings? Get drunk… so needless to say a little alcohol an emotional wedding, good music and dancing I became more than horny. My husband is not the type of guy to hit the dance floor, so there was an endless supply of guys to dance with. I was having such a good time in between dances, I would grind up against my hubby and tease his cock through his pants “yeah, that means you’re getting me off tonight” I told him.

By the end of the night our car was full of incapacitated people too drunk to get themselves home. We lived pretty close to the venue so we decided to take my sister, her boyfriend and my cousin’s friend back to our place for the night. My sister and her man were given our spare room and Alex my cousin’s friend got the couch. I had just finished getting everybody situated just to find my husband passed out. “Fuck no,” I mumbled. I haven’t been this horny in a long time. I got into bed a little more than disappointed. “Screw it” I thought as I was reaching in my night stand for my vibrator. I lay there rubbing my clit with my toy and I was not satisfied at all.

I was pissed when I looked over watching him sleep. I am starting rubbing his cock to see if I could maybe get his attention, but nothing, nothing at all. I pulled his cock out of his boxers and took his softness in my mouth. He only got half hard and rolled over. I gave up, I needed a cigarette. I put my robe on to go outside, I opened my bedroom door and the living room TV was blaring. Alex was passed out on the couch, I noticed his shoes and socks scattered across the floor and his pants at the foot of the couch.

I stood by the back door to smoke, “is he staring at me?” I wondered out loud as I stood there smoking. Alex is pretty cute, I thought, I waved just to assure myself he was sleeping, no movement, he is sleeping. I found myself fixated watching Alex sleep, I moved in closer and waved my hands in front of his face. Dead asleep, what am I doing I thought to myself, what would I have said if he was awake?

I walked back to my room to check on my hubby, he was still asleep. My pussy was getting so warm and wet, and I was having intense thoughts. I wanted to go stare at Alex more, so I snuck back into the living room and stood across from his sleeping body. If his eyes would have opened, he would have been staring right at me. I was feeling a surge of adrenaline, and my pussy was throbbing with excitement. I stood there and opened the top of my robe. I started rubbing my breasts and twisting my nipples right in front of his sleeping body. No reaction, still sleeping… this is so much fun I thought. I untied my waist tie and opend my robe revealing myself to the sleeping alex, I was so wet I could fell my juices on my upper thighs. I stood there rubbing my clit fantasizing about alex, but this hole situation was forbidden territory.

i ran back to my room to check if my hubby was still sleeping. Still out cold, thank god. I ran back to my smoking spot and stared at Alex. The more horny I got the braver I got. I walked back over to the sleeping Alex and sliped completely out of my robe. Now I was standing just inches from him, I was now squeezing my crotch it felt so good it hurt.

I decided to try something risky. I grabbed the end of his blanket I needed a better look and my sexual desires had control of me now. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I couldnt control myself. The blanket was cought underneath his body and I pulled hard to completely uncover his body. He growled a little bit and scratched his chest while I quickly ducked down behind the couch.

I waited a minute and took my place back in front of him. He had a cute little happy trail that disappeared at the top of his boxers and I could make out a nice fat bulge that went down the left side of his thigh. How much further could I take this I wondered. I wanted to touch him, I hadn’t felt this kind of excitement in years. I was now sitting on the coffee table my right hand playing with myself left hand rubbin his leg. The more excited I got the higher my hand went up his leg. Still I was getting no reaction from the sleeping Alex so I knew I was safe. I got bolder and bolder, I grabbed his limp hand and pulled it to my sopping wet pussy, I pushed his fingers all around my clit and even guided them inside myself. My other hand was now rubbing his fastly growing cock. He was getting so big through his boxers I could feel his cock swelling, filling my hand. Wow he is huge, I thought as I stared at his massive budge.

Suddenly Alex moved a little bit grabbing his cock and pushing down on it. I stood up in fear of getting caught, but his eyes never opened. I was safe again and needed more. I stood in front of his face, why not I thought to myself. I kneeled down putting my pussy closer and closer to his face.his hot breath teased my pussy. I wanted him so bad, I didn’t care if I got caught by him at this point.

I got down on my knees and slowly pulled his hand out of his boxers. I reached in to feel his naked cock for the first time with one hand while I pulled down the top of his boxers with the other revealing his massive cock. I began to lick him from base to tip, keeping a watch full eye on his face. He was starting to breath harder and I should have stoped there but I didn’t. I couldnt control myself, I opened my mouth and started sucking faster and harder I felt his hips starting to move in sync. His breathing getting louder, eyes still closed butt semi aware something was happening. I didn’t care I felt like I was gonna cum already. I was now stroking and sucking then I heard him utter my name sleepily. I felt two hands grab each side of my head and pushed down harder onto his once sleeping cock. He was very awake now and quickly realizing what was going on.

He looked around the room a little confused then with no hesitation spread open my legs and shoved his large fingers inside me. He pulled me to the couch and aggressively kissed me while squeezing my pussy. He suddenly stood in front of me guiding his cock back into my mouth, grabbing my ears fucking my mouth harder and harder. “Where’s your husband?” he asked releasing his tight grasp. “Sleeping” I moaned. “What are you doing?” he asked. “Exactly what it looks like,” I purred back as I licked his cock from bottom to top. “I want you to fuck me”. He pushed me back spread my legs and started rubbing the head of his cock up and down my pussy grinding and teasing my clit. I could have cummed but I held it back.

“Dirty cheating slut” he said, “you want me to fuck you?” “Yes!” I cried out. “Can you handle it?” “Yes, I want you in me now”I cried. He started slowly pushing the head of his cock in me I could fell myself stretching to his size. “deeper” I moaned, and he pushed himself all the way in. I could feel every muscle tighten around his massive cock. As he pulled back my hole was a little more giving. He was so big it felt so good. Feeling him thrust harder and deeper inside me. He was such a good lover I thought.

I could feel my self convulsing, “im gonna cum” I cryed out. you could here my wetness getting louder and louder i cried in ecstasy. I could feel my cum squirting out into every direction. He pulled his cock from my gapping hole. His cock up to his stood up to his belly and was shining and dripping with my cum. He started stroking and shoving his cock back in my mouth. “Where do you want me to cum?” he asked. “My mouth” I replied with anticipation. I don’t even let my husband cum in my mouth I thought to myself. He started moaning and his legs started shaking, I opened my mouth and he let out a long groan. My mouth was suddenly filling with his warm sticky load. As I swallowed the first there came a second burst of his warm cum, then a third on my face. He stood me up and once again gave me a aggressive kiss. It was over. “Thanks” I said shyly as I retreated back to my room. I layed back next to my husband still rubbing the remaining cum from Alex all over my body. What a great nite I thought. Now how do I explain all this to my husband?

Better late than never… A little introduction to our beginning

An introduction should have been my first post, but I was so excited we were doing this blog that I jumped the gun some. Hence let me regale you with the tale of how my husband and I met and fell in love. As a trivial side note, I do want to let you know that this is a story shared with very few people since we now lead very politically correct lives.

I was 20 and just got busted once more. This time I was fortunate enough not to get another get out of jail free card. I had been sentenced to a year, forced to attend an in custody drug program for my heroine use. I had only been a junkie for a little over a year, but I looked like I had a drug problem my whole life. When I entered my new home, I was greeted by 13 very intimidating women. I was 5’10” and no more than 100lbs, looking like a dumpster had just regurgitated me and probably smelled like it too. Usually I’m the type to try and make friends with everyone around me, but I was so sick I just crawled into the nearest open bunk and settled down for a week of agonizing paid.

Several days later when the worst of the sickness had subsided, I decided to get out of my bubble and try to find out about the people I would be living with for a while. No one really wanted to socialize with the likes of a junkie (for some reason we were rare and ostracized even in the criminal world). I began to retreat when a really loud girl called out “Hey new girl, are you Czechoslovakian?”. Happy for some human interaction I eagerly replied “yes, how’d you know?”. She pointed to the cardboard box sitting on my bunk with my last name written on it “Your last name, I’m Czech too”. This is going to sound overly dramatic, but her next words were the start of a whole new life for me. ” ” Hope your kick isn’t so bad anymore, I’ve watched my brother go through it and I know it’s a bitch. You know, you remind me of a girl he was so in love with… Oh my god you guys would be perfect together! You should totally write him!”

So that very night I wrote him a letter. It wasn’t a super long letter, just a basic introduction giving him a brief summary of who I was, who I am and who I wanted to be. It took a couple weeks to get my first reply from him. He had me with his first letter. We had so much in common and he didn’t sound like an uneducated, illiterate gangster like so many of the other pen pals the girls fell over themselves about. After that I pretty much wrote him every day and he did the same. I told him everything that came to my mind, my secrets, my hopes and dreams my fears. I hadn’t even seen what he looked like and I was already head over heels for him. Then came a picture of him and I was sold.

During that year of letters we got to know each other more intimately than most and he became an inspiration for my sobriety when I was released. He wouldn’t get out till a couple months after me, so while I waited, I stayed in contact with his family and continued to write him so he knew I was waiting.

Meeting him for the first time was nerve wrecking. It was the day after he was released and his sister drove out to pick me up for him. He was still shell shocked after being locked up for 5 years, so he didn’t want to leave his house. I was shy walking into his house, but he naturally took the lead and made me feel like we had been together for years. That day we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.

The preceding years were a struggle for us, but we had each other and a goal. In a few short years we had both obtained productive jobs, got custody of my son, got married and bought our first home. The two of us together seemed unstoppable. In a couple short years we achieved everything we wrote each other about.

And although I can tell you a million tales of our trials and tribulations, I will end my story here. It may not be the love story every little girl dreams of, but I’m happy it’s mine. We are the couple who started as punk rock junkies who beat all odds with love and pretty much conquered the world with all odds against us. Such are the origins of Wicked951XxX.


An extremely shocked wife

My husband and I have been together over 10 years now. After you are with someone  for several years, no matter how you try to resist, daily life seems to become a routine. Even sex was on a schedule. This was never our intention, but with work, kids, obligations and family it just kind of happened otherwise it would never happen.

So on one of our scheduled sex nights my husband and I decided to have a few drinks. We both got a little tipsy and retired to our bedroom to fulfill our marital obligations. This evening my husband decided he wanted to put some porn on to create a different  atmosphere ( we didn’t typically watch porn together). The clips he chose were unusual to me. I thought most men like watching lesbians or harems of woman, but my husbands picks were mmf threesomes and gangbangs. I would glance at what was on, but was embarrassed to look too much so I went to work on my husband.

While we layed in bed after our love making my husband started questioning me about the porn he put on. We had already been together about 5 years and this is not a topic we ever really discussed before so I was very shy about giving my opinions. Of course I don’t remember the whole conversation, but I do remember one of the most shocking revelations my husband has made to me. The porn, the conversation it was all leading up to my husband letting me know that his fantasy is to watch and participate in another man sleeping with his wife.

I don’t know how most woman would feel when approached with something like this, but I was confused. At first I thought it was a trick so I didn’t answer and started asking questions instead. After a while I realized he was serious and the possibility excited me! Of course many emotions came after the excitement. Society trains you to think a certain way and it is hard to break away from those preset ways of thinking. I told my husband I was open to the idea and we ended the conversation for the night.

The days following my husband snapped to action and started finding articles, websites and porn to share with me on the matter. Suddenly our sex lives weren’t routine anymore. Our two times a week went to everyday and we often role played our fantasies. It was all very exciting for both of us.

After a couple months my husband decided we should try some of the swinger dating websites and try to turn our fantasy into a reality. We have tried several sites and although it was fun, we didn’t really find what we were looking for.

One evening I decided that I didn’t want to wait anymore ( most likely also prompted by drinking) and I told my husband I wanted to go have sex in a booth at a porn store. We had watched a few pornos with those scenes and from what I saw you often had other people join you.  I wasn’t wrong, as soon as we entered the viewing booths at the porn store other men began to gather around us. Suddenly I was taking on four cocks at once.

My husband was extremely excited and came more times than I could count. I loved being the center of several men’s desires and proving my expertise in multitasking by making them all get off.

That was the start of a whole new sexual adventure for us.

This musing was created by Mrs. Wicked

Hopelessly devoted husband and wife in the swinger lifestyle.